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Prita Madkaiker, MD

Internal Medicine Physician located in Jacksonville, FL

About Dr. Prita Madkaiker

Dr. Prita Madkaiker is Board-Certified in Internal Medicine. She has been a primary care physician in Jacksonville, Florida, since 2001. She obtained her MBBS and MD degrees from the University of Pune, India. Subsequently, she completed her residency at the Mercy Catholic Hospital in Philadelphia. She is certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine.

Due to her additional OB-GYN training, Dr. Madkaiker is passionate about providing care to all patients over 18 years of age, especially women. She sees patients with complex medical problems who need the coordination of services, especially older adults.

She has additional training and is certified to provide outpatient treatment for substance abuse and opiate dependency.

She focuses on treating the entire person rather than a disease state. She emphasizes lifestyle change and empowers her patients with knowledge. She focuses on wellness & prevention and follows evidence-based clinical guidelines.

Dr. Prita practices Internal Medicine and provides medical support for patients who undergo Ketamine Infusion Therapy at Ketamine Therapeutics.